We are all witnesses

How do I know that I have grown up and matured? I see the same situation and I respond differently. Well that doesn’t say much because I could have gone the opposite way and behaved like a bigger baby than I was before. But since I didn’t, I’m fairly sure that some maturity has taken place. We are always right in our own eyes, no matter how wrong we may be.

I visited a church one Sunday morning and a thought crossed my mind while singing a very popular song. The song starts by saying “You are here moving in our midst…working in this place. I worship You”. Then the theme shifts a bit and what feels like a second half song gets tagged on for the chorus. Quite the mash up, if you ask me (no pun intended).

And the church said “Amen” naturally, and they raised hands and bowed in worship. But as this was going on the thought crossed my mind like an explosion you hear while driving. I couldn’t help but stop to think on it…

What if we sang that song first? Would we believe/respond the same way as if we sung it in the middle or near the end? I imagined a church that, before any chord was struck, before any prayer was offered, acknowledge the presence of God. Almost as if they had cracked open the doors and the stale air hit them in their faces, and when it had blown away, saw God among them. No froth, just mauby.

Blessed are the fully charged, for they shall see God moving among them (Letter to the Church in the West 4:12). No, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8). I will never forget the service that changed my life. There were no drums, there were no synthesizers. There was just one man on a piano and songs that we sung once. As the pastor dismissed us I sat in my seat sensing something was dramatically different. God was there. I wanted to run around like Lucy asking everyone, “did you see Him? He was here!”

I’m not knocking that God can work in loudness, nor saying that you will only find Him in the quietness. But where two or three gather in His name, He will be there (Matthew 18:20). Whether they are still, listening to Him, praying to Him, worshipping Him or joyously celebrating Him and praising Him. He will be there. He said so, and that is enough to go on.


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