The colours of this race

I was following the reactions to the George Zimmerman verdict and I have wondered if the jury was Australian. Not that Aussies have skewed practices of justice but the trial seemed a bit…kangaroo. For the past few days article upon article have been posted about the level of racism this world has come to. Crocodile tears are shed as we cry out for justice to be served, i.e. “kill the white man who killed the black man”, because really in this dog eat dog world, the rule is still “an eye for an eye”.

Are we so hungry for the truth that we crave to consume the chips on our shoulders we’ve been silently carrying for generations? We say Zimmerman’s actions were wrong. The jury’s verdict was at best saturated with prejudice. As I reflect on the zoo we are living in it starts to get very messy very quickly.

In our world of relative truth and chakras wouldn’t Zimmerman’s actions be a result of bad beliefs caused by misaligned energies? (of course no one is ready to admit that). No it definitely has to be a deeper problem because Martin was black. But we play that card in other games, why not this one? These energies are to keep spiritual, mental, emotional and physical operations in balance so is it just imbalance? Forgive me for asking.

Martin is the seal whose blood was shed on an iceberg we live on. I believe we should mourn and cry out because of the injustice done but racism is a small section of this very giant iceberg. It’s wrong when black guy gets killed in America for being black but no thought is given to the atrocities that are hidden by the media (or even from the media) because a black person getting murdered or mistreated in America and the UK is the definition of racism.

And it is an external issue certainly having no place in our churchianity. The church is a hospital right? That’s why visitors seldom feel at home. People come seeking life and on so many levels we get it wrong. We feel it our place to remind them of how alien they are because they are sinners, unsaved, heathens and other strong words, as if their amnesia is what coincidentally dragged them into God’s house. But “You would not have called me unless I was first calling to you” (for those who have read The Silver Chair). Our unwelcoming hearts are linked to our cold shoulders, cliques and “common ground”. We all fight racism in the world and have accepted in-bonding as simply strong love.  And so, only the similar survive.

Slowly we are unfolding bits and pieces which were torn from what we were holding because we thought we could fix the world by putting duct tape on our sins. Every time something happens in the world I ask myself, “Am I much different from that?” Before we kill Zimmerman remember a few things. God said in Deuteronomy 32:35 that vengeance is his; he will repay (also Romans 12:19). He is the Judge, we are the ambassadors. We must always leave room for God to act.

Before writing this, the song Coward was ringing in my head for the whole day. In the song Alex Faith speaks from the prospective of one who knows about church but isn’t a Christian.

Welcome to my life in HD

And if everybody hates me…

You can stand in line, get a number, wait some time and come debate me

Nothing you can really say could ever deflate me

I’m the definition of everything debase means

But if you face me, face me, but show me grace please.

These words have captured fully the position that we are in. We stand on our knees in silence debating  the debase as defenders of faith on many issues including race; being quick to run in the face of injustice. But my mum told me not to run with sharp objects and since I hold one currently I will walk. I think it’s best we use our axes as mirrors – not to grind, but to shine. Pardon the parables but keep following.

Trayvan Martin v George Zimmerman: are we ready to accept the consequences of the beliefs we subscribe to? Whenever a tragedy occurs in the media we should ask ourselves if any part of it is a reflection of us. 


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