A Jesus Worth Living For

I had a really interesting conversation with a guy from the Logos Hope one night. He spoke about convictions, from the story of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18. He ended by retelling the story of Cassie Bernall (Columbine High School) and asked, “Would you die for Jesus?” This triggered some memories and questions I asked myself last year. 

Since I could not see the link, I went to talk to him. He said, in the story of the unforgiving servant, the servant did not understand the depth of his debt and that is why he treated his servant like that – v.28-30 (does that make sense?) For example, if I tell you, “Go thank that man over there. He did something really good for you.” You would probably shuffle over to him, tap him on his shoulder…”Excuse me. Thanks” and then go about your usual life. 

Many of us treat God like that. We know Christ has done something really nice for us. He gave his life (aww so sweet) and for many of us, that is the extent of it. We go to him, tap him on his shoulder and say, “Gee thanks, you shouldn’t have. No, really. You shouldn’t have. But since you did I guess I could serve you.” And so, we live our lives for him until trials come; and like the seed that fell on the rocky ground, our faith withers and dies because we had no root; we never let God show us what Christ did.

So if I told you that for all your life you were stacking up an enormous debt (which, by the way, you were unable to pay from the moment you were born) but that guy over there, he paid it all, and not only paid it but now offers you more than what your debt was worth, would you not be running around telling all your friends? When someone says something bad about him, would you not defend him? Or would you still tap him on his shoulder and say, “Gee thanks. You shouldn’t have.”?

Many of us have found Jesus, but is he worth dying for? Does what he did mean anything to you? And to those who have resolved to take a bullet for him, is he worth living for? Is what you have come to know about him reason enough to resist temptation? Is it giving you hope? You may take one bullet (and only one, so it better kill me, and quickly) but can you take denying yourself over and over and over again – is the your cross really worth it? Does Christ still mean life?

So live for Christ (or don’t. But do one). On one hand, there’s the repetitive dying to self, but on the other, there is life that “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived” (1 Corinthians 2:9) but which God has revealed through his Spirit (1:10).


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