Man made Gods

I find it very interesting that God made specific command to his people not to make any image of him. All the other nations of that time had images of their gods out of wood and stone and metal. One can almost say that they made their god and I think this is the point God and Jeremiah were getting at in chapter 10. God starts off by saying not to copy the nations around Israel whose customs are worthless and who worship the elements. He says that they cut a tree from the forest and give it to a craftsman who shapes it and puts gold on it. The servant does all these things to make sure the god does not fail – even create the god. Sure the claim may be made that the god is eternal and by worshiping the image one worships the god but is that so? Who is really looked to, the god or the image?

There was a big argument at church about going to a big show which was recently put on. This is not about the show, but I was thinking about fame and stardom recently and how some people have elevated themselves to take on the status of god and goddess. In Genesis 1:1 it says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the account goes through 6 days of creation and each day it mentions God. Lastly, God creates man. This is very interesting because it shows that God existed before there was anything to worship him. Explicit in this statement is the fact that God doesn’t need man and implicitly stated is that God does not even need a dwelling place to be God. Heavenly beings, who worship God constantly, were created after the heavens were but there was no change of name or status going on here. When he roamed eternity by himself he was the supreme being and nothing was or can be created which is more powerful than God; so he’s still the supreme being.

However, when you look at a star (and you can insert any name you fancy), who was he/she before their big break? They were human just like us, with a future. And as long as we listened to them and followed them they remained gods and goddesses. But if everyone stopped listening to them or a more popular star came around they would not be gods anymore. Their deity is contingent on us. So in a sense we are more powerful than them; we are in control. We make and break our gods like the nations in Jeremiah 10.

God has no image. The bible says that no one has seen the Father except the Son, but the Son has made him known (John 1:18). God cannot have an image because we are not worthy to create anything to represent him. And in creating a representation we lose focus of the God we were intending to worship and end up worshiping the images. In fact, Jesus is the image of God (Colossians 1:15). It’s what happens when we worship a pastor, or congregation or even the bible. Sometimes I feel like a punk, putting my trust in something which never fails. Well a punk I shall remain. God is too true to shun.


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